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Representative Cases

California Defense Attorney Philip S. Barnett

DUI DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing (Anonymous cases) License not suspended

DUI — DUI charge with two prior convictions. Motion to suppress evidence granted — case dismissed (Savage)

DMV LICENSE SUSPENSION MEDICAL — (Sbragia) License reinstated

PETTY THEFT — (Anonymous) Clients granted mental health diversion — upon completion of diversion the case will be dismissed with no conviction

PETTY THEFT — (Anonymous) Cases dismissed upon civil compromise

HIT-AND-RUN — (Anonymous) Cases dismissed upon civil compromise

THREE STRIKES — (Purvis) Dismissed at time motion to suppress evidence was to be heard

VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER — (Ketley) Case dismissed

ROBBERY — (Anonymous) Factual finding of innocence — arrest record sealed

BURGLARY (Brendan) I took over as defendant’s attorney after he had been sent to state prison for a diagnostic report that recommended that he be sentenced to state prison — He was thereafter sentenced to probation and a residential drug treatment program

DOUBLE MURDER — (Forrester) Jury trial. Client charged with double murder and robbery, facing life in prison without possibility of parole. In the trial two former co-defendants testified against my client however the jury did not believe them. My client was found not guilty of all charges and walked out of jail a free man

MURDER — (Newsome) Jury trial. Client charged with first-degree murder. Facing life in prison. In trial found not guilty by jury of murder and voluntary manslaughter. Client then accepted plea bargain of no contest to misdemeanor carrying a gun in city limits and received credit for time served and was released from jail

RESISTING ARREST AND BATTERY ON A POLICE OFFICER — (Morgan) Case dismissed on trial day

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE — (Anonymous) Cases dismissed on day of trial

UNDER INFLUENCE OF METHAMPHETAMINE — (Moser) Jury trial — Hung jury — Thereafter DA dismissed case

UNDER INFLUENCE AND RESISTING ARREST — (Shipman) Reduced to disturbing the peace with small fine

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE — (Chuck) Charged as felony brandishing shotgun. Negotiated to misdemeanor battery on former spouse — probation