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Hire An Experienced Petty Theft Or Shoplifting Defense Attorney Right Away

Shoplifting accounts for billions of dollars in retail losses every year, and retail store owners no longer turn a blind eye to it. Stores and shops of all sizes are now owned by national corporations that have enacted policies of prosecuting shoplifters for the smallest thefts. What once was a slap on the wrist by a store manager now results in a misdemeanor charge that must be taken seriously.

I am criminal defense attorney Philip Barnett of San Mateo. If you have been charged with petty theft or shoplifting, the penalties can be serious and a conviction can affect your future. Reach out to me right away to start protecting your rights against wrongful detainment, illegally obtained evidence and failure to allow you to have a lawyer present when you answer questions. When it comes to showing their owners how tough they are on crime, store managers, shop supervisors and others in management positions are likely to charge you with a crime first and worry about your rights later.

Fighting Shoplifting Charges

Young prosecutors, right out of law school can make their career based on their conviction rates in their early years. When I am at your side throughout the process, I will advise you what questions you can legally answer and when it is best to remain quiet. This may be your first offense, and you are likely to be confused and a little overwhelmed or frightened by the process. Petty theft or shoplifting may not seem like much of a crime, until you start feeling the prosecutor’s pressure to put you in jail. That’s when you will understand how good it is to have my experience fighting for the best possible resolution to your charges.

Contact me right away for a free consultation about your shoplifting or petty theft charges. I take your defense seriously, and I will be there for you until the case is resolved. Call 650-513-0480.