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Facing Multiple DUIs?

If this is not your first drunk driving/DUI charge, things may seem complicated at this point. The charges and penalties only get more serious, not less. Depending on factors such as your blood alcohol level, any injuries to your passengers or others and of course your past record, you could be facing felony charges. Of course, you also face license suspension.

If this is your fourth DUI your license could be suspended for up to four years. You could be looking at between six months and three years in county jail or state prison. Whether you are sentenced to county jail or prison, what you are charged for and other factors will depend on the lawyer you choose to hire.

Seasoned San Mateo Multiple DUI Offenses Lawyer — Defense You Can Count On

I have developed intelligent and creative strategies to counter those of the district attorneys in drinking and driving cases. Is your record actually correct? Were those charges and convictions valid? Were drugs involved? I have handled cases involving clients who used both drugs and alcohol. In fact, I have handled about every kind of case you can think of.

If you have multiple DUI offenses, don’t take chances with the lawyer you hire. I have more than 35 years experience in criminal defense. I have handled hundreds of trials and helped thousands of people like you.

I offer you:

  • My total commitment
  • Extensive experience
  • Support and understanding

Prosecutors and police know that I will do everything possible to protect my clients. In turn, I know what you are feeling and worrying about. I will give you confidence knowing that you have the best advocate in me. I will be frank and realistic with you, but you may be fearing something very unlikely — and I will let you know that.

Contact me or call 650-513-0480 today, and I will arrange to meet with you in my office, in jail or another location convenient for you.