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Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can generally be defined as violence or the threat of violence between spouses, former spouses, domestic partners or others living together or involved in an intimate relationship. Prosecutors, judges and juries in California take domestic violence charges very seriously. A conviction that may have meant community service and an education program several years ago can now mean jail time. If sexual assault is included in the charges, it may also mean sex offender registration for the rest of your life.

Helping Clients Since 1972

Since 1972, the Law Offices of Philip S. Barnett, in San Mateo, California, has been providing serious representation for people charged with domestic violence charges such as spousal or child abuse, domestic battery, domestic assault and violations of restraining orders or protective orders. California laws have increased the criminal penalties for violating a protective order.

I am criminal defense attorney Philip Barnett. When you hire a defense lawyer, you deserve to receive responsive communication about your case and attention to detail. You also deserve to know that your attorney understands how concerned you are about what the charges will mean to your future. For more than 35 years, I have been keeping up with the changing trends in prosecutor strategies and jury expectations. We will discuss the particular incident that led to the domestic violence charges and figure out together what the best options will be. I can’t promise to get your charges reduced or dismissed. But I will promise that you will have one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and effective domestic violence defense lawyers you can hire in San Mateo County.

Effect Of Domestic Violence Charges On Divorce And Child Custody Proceedings

A conviction on a charge of domestic abuse can affect subsequent divorce and child custody proceedings. Under California law, a conviction of domestic violence can negatively affect a parent’s likelihood of gaining custody of his or her children.

Don’t face your charges alone. Contact my office to schedule a free consultation about how I can help you. I understand how worried you are. First I listen. Then I act quickly to start protecting your rights and your future. Call 650-513-0480.