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Violent Crimes

Over the past 35 years of practicing criminal defense law in San Mateo County, California, I have seen prosecutors, judges and juries becoming more serious about putting people in jail for violent crimes. An assault charge that resulted in a fine and community service 20 years ago can now mean years in prison. I am attorney Philip Barnett. I’m not telling you this to scare you, but I want to impress how important it is to have an experienced, skillful and effective assault criminal defense lawyer defending you.

Felony Assault And Violent Crimes Defense In San Mateo County

At the criminal defense Law Offices of Philip S. Barnett, I have remained current with the new strategies employed by police and prosecutors to ensure a conviction and serious penalties for violent crimes such as manslaughter and aggravated assault. When we meet to discuss your violent crime charges, I will clearly explain strategies for dismissing or reducing your charges. Some of the reasons for dismissal or reduction of charges are illegally obtained evidence, lack of probable cause for a search or an arrest and the victim’s motivation for filing charges. I maintain a network of nationally recognized independent experts in the fields of crime scene forensics, psychology and investigation. By using technology, professional resources and my extensive experience, I can assure you that we will develop and present the strongest possible case for your defense.

I Will Never Judge You, Or The Incident That Brought You To Me

I understand how frightened and concerned you are about your assault or domestic violence charges. You don’t deserve to be judged. You need a lawyer who will use every possible legal option to protect your rights. You need a lawyer who will hold the prosecutor to the strict burden of proof required in criminal cases — proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It may help you remember that all we have to do is create an element of reasonable doubt for you to be acquitted. The burden of proving guilt lies entirely on the prosecution.

Learn more about violent crime at my criminal defense FAQs page.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a violent incident, don’t wait until you have been charged before hiring an experienced attorney. Everything you say to your attorney about the incident will be protected by the attorney-client privilege and cannot be used against you at the time of the arrest or during the prosecution. It is always to your advantage to have your defense lawyer at your side as soon as possible.

Contact my offices for a free consultation about your assault or violent crime charges. I know you are frightened. I can help put your mind a little more at ease. Call 650-513-0480.