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Meet Attorney Philip S. Barnett

I am attorney Philip Barnett. I am a criminal defense sole practitioner with offices in San Mateo, California. I provide sophisticated, aggressive, compassionate representation for those accused of crimes. I began practicing criminal law in Southern California as a deputy public defender in 1970 and defended clients in all types of criminal cases, from DUI to murder.

Experienced San Mateo, California, Criminal Defense Attorney

I established the Law Offices of Philip S. Barnett in San Mateo in 1972. I do not have a staff of attorneys because my clients want me to personally handle their cases. I care about my clients, and I understand that being a defendant in a criminal case is enormously stressful. I try hard to understand what my clients are going through, to be supportive, and to give them the best representation possible.

Facing criminal charges is a frightening situation. You need the help of an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Contact my offices in San Mateo for a free consultation about your criminal charges.