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I am attorney Philip Barnett of the Law Offices of Philip S. Barnett, in San Mateo, California. I have been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal defense law for more than 35 years. In that time, I have helped thousands of people facing criminal charges.

I provide aggressive and effective defense for California felony and misdemeanor charges such as DUI defense, drug crimes, domestic violence, theft and more.


What Makes Me A Different Kind Of Criminal Defense Attorney?

I know that being charged with a crime, or even being investigated for one, is a frightening situation. When you hire me to represent you, I promise that I will be at your side through the entire process. When you call, I will answer; anytime, day or night. Over the length of my career in criminal law, I have seen things get tougher for people charged with a crime, and I have learned to respond with new strategies that help you get the best possible outcome for your charges.

If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges, you need the advice of an experienced criminal lawyer — and you need that advice immediately.

Client Feedback

I have worked with Phil in San Mateo County on and off for more than 15 years, and have no hesitation in recommending him. From day 1, Phil has never failed to be timely, fair, and above all, ethical. Phil's experience with criminal defense is clearly evident, and his clients benefit from this expertise. - Mark

Phil is an excellent attorney. I hired him as my criminal defense attorney because he was honest with me, straightforward, professional, and always treated me with respect. Phil explained every aspect of the legal processes related to my case. His expertise was very comforting to myself and my family during a very difficult time. - Emily

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Contact me to start protecting your rights before it is too late. I have seen people wait before consulting an attorney and invariably their case is hurt by decisions they made without the benefit of understanding how the system works and when their rights are not protected.

Since I am in court so often, call me at 650-513-0480 if you need to contact me right away.

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